• koru one- wash and use it again

    Reusable Filter

  • koru one- low energy consumption

    Low Consumption

  • koru one- recycled plastics

    Recycled Plastics

  • koru one- natural materials

    Natural Materials

koru one- low energy consumption

Low Energy Consumption

Less than a LED light

KORU uses an array of sensors specifically developed for high efficiency and low consumption by our engineers and partners.

This ensures maximum performance whilst guaranteeing minimum power consumption.

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koru one- forever filter

Forever Filter

Just needs a rinse

Thanks to a durable ceramic foam filter and specialized titanium nanocoating, KORU's filters can last forever.

They just need to be washed with running water every few months.

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koru one- natural materials

Natural Materials

Sourced Sustainably

KORU is built with recycled ABS plastic and features either a beech wood or a cork base.

We strongly believe in limiting the extraction and use of disposable resources, and we focus a lot of our efforts on making sure all our products are as environmentally neutral (or even positive) as possible.

10 trees for every koru

10 Trees For Every KORU

Our commitment is to plant over 1.000.000 trees by 2030.

We partnered with several, well-known, international organizations to help us towards this ambitious goal.

Together, we can fight climate change and biodiversity degradation.

viva con agua

We support VIVA CON AGUA

Access to clean water and breathing fresh air are fundamental rights we believe in!

Viva Con Agua is committed to helping communities around the world to get access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene.