Three solutions, one device

  • Air purification

    An innovative air purifier combining the natural air filtration properties of plants’ roots with a high-end, sustainable, nano-coated PCO filter technology.

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  • Smart Watering

    A revolutionary automatic plant-care system utilizing Artificial Intelligence and advanced sensors to monitor, predict, and deliver the perfect environment for any plant to thrive.

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  • Monitoring Systems

    An intuitive mobile app packing all the info about your home's air quality as well as your plant's health in one, easy-to-use, comprehensive dashboard.

    At the tip of your fingers.

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Koru Air Purifier Natural Air Purifier Office

Air purifier made sustainable

KORU harnesses the natural air purification power of plants to take care of the environment in which you live.

It also features a washable photocatalytic filter.

The filter can destroy VOCs, mold, odors, allergens, dust, and every other harmful particle in your home.


Automated plant care

Koru's state-of-the-art system is unique because it silently takes care of both your plants and the environment in which you live.

Thanks to its revolutionary approach to plant care, it provides unmatched results when it comes to its performance.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Koru constantly analyses your plant's needs to consistently make them grow and thrive.


Real-Time Monitoring

Thanks to an intuitive mobile App, you can always have access to data about your plants' health and your home's air quality at the tip of your fingers.

Regulate the air purification modes to get the freshest air and a night of good sleep.


A True Powerhouse

Koru embodies 6 cutting-edge sensors to monitor your air quality and plants' health.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Particulate Matter (PM)

  • Soil Moisture

  • Temperature & Humidity

  • Light Exposure

  • Water Level

KORU lifestyle

  • "Simply Perfect"

    I got a KORU prototype a few weeks ago and I can easily say it works super well!



  • "Amazing!"

    I finally received my KORU last week, definitely worth the wait.

    Looking forward to see my plants growing!



  • "Stunning"

    I didn't think a "tech product" could look and feel this good. I'm in complete awe.

    Great job guys!



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Compelling reasons to go clean

Air pollution leads to serious health problems

Our homes are packed with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by paint, aerosols, and other common domestic products, not to mention airborne viruses, mold, and bacteria.

When left unchecked, these can all lead to short and long-term respiratory illness and disease.

Clean air boosts energy and creativity

Cleaner air allows more oxygen into your lungs and brain, which subsequently improves the function of your other organs.

This means you can enjoy greater mental and physical capacity along with a clean bill of health, helping you breathe and think more clearly.

Air purifiers protect against allergies

A home air purifier prevents allergies while protecting your family from the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Meanwhile, our pets are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pollution in our homes. Koru absorbs harmful allergens and pet pollutants by harnessing the natural power of plants.

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