Data-Driven Plant Care

in 3 simple steps

  • koru- data collection

    Data Collection

    The integrated light, temperature, humidity, and soil sensors collect environmental data for each plant.

  • Koru- Data Processing

    Data Processing

    Artificial Intelligence proccesses and synchronizes the collected data with our botanical database to recreate the perfect conditions for each plant.

  • koru- automated plant care

    Automated Plant Care

    The information are sent back to KORU and if the plant requires water, it automatically supplies the specific amount it needs

The Ultimate Plant Care

By leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge smart sensors, KORU automates the intricate and time-consuming process of plant care, making it effortless for you to bask in their beauty and reap the benefits of clean air.

the ultimate plant care

Over 150 houseplants supported

Botanical Database

Select nearly any houseplant in the App and let KORU take care of it.

Pet friendly

Over 65 of the supported plants are pet-friendly.

koru water reservoir

Weeks of Autonomy

Smart Watering

The watering cycle is predicted, based on the plants' needs and its environmental conditions.

Smart Drainage

The inner structure of KORU allows any excess water to drip back into the 2.5-liter reservoir, reducing waste to zero.

automated plant care

Automated Plant Care

A.I. Gardener

KORU analyzes the data from all sensors and provides the best possible environment for your plant.

Smart Sensors

The 6 advanced sensors analyze data and predict the best conditions that your plants will need.

Best Air Purifying Plants

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