Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment we are processing the first two batches of KORU sold during our Crowdfunding campaign. Below the planned shipping schedule:

  • Batch#1 - Indiegogo Pre-orders collected from October 1st to November 30th 2021 will ship in July-August 2022.
  • Batch#2 - InDemand Pre-orders collected from December 1st 2021 to February 28th 2022 will ship in September 2022.
  • Batch#3 - Plantkoru.com Pre-orders collected from March 1st to July31st 2022 will ship in October 2022.

As you are probably aware of, the Worldwide shipping situation is quite complex at the moment, with delays and price hikes from logistic companies being a constant struggle. We ask you understand that some delays may occur for causes out of Botany Labs' control.

Pre-orders are fullfilled with Easyship, which often complete delivery via DHL or UPS.


We launched KORU in October 2021 through a Crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.com where we raised money to pay for production and tooling which will happen in mid-2022. While the campaign is over, we will keep accepting pre-orders on our website until production is ongoing and we can start fulfilling the orders in a "standard" way, beginning in October 2022.

If you’d like to make a change to your order, including your shipping address, send us an email at contact@plantkoru.com as soon as you can! We’ll do our best to catch your order before it ships out.

Final price is inclusive of tax and duties, however not all currencies have tax and duties included. Botany Labs cannot control and is not responsible for any duties or taxes applied to your package. You will be responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for further information. Note, on rare occasions custom agents may delay delivery of some packages. While you have the choice to pay in a different currency, doing so may cause your bank to charge an additional fee to convert that currency back to your home currency.

"Unfulfilled" just means that we successfully received your order! Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number and your order status will change to "Fulfilled."

If your order was unexpectedly cancelled, chances are that our fraud filter marked your order as fraudulent. If you are certain that that is not true, please order again with a Paypal account. If you do not have Paypal, you can easily sign up at www.Paypal.com



There are no functional differences between the models. The differences are solely aesthetic.

KORU will clean any size of room over time. Tested in a 100ft2 room, Koru was proven to reduce the number of pollutants down to a World Health Organization (WHO) safe level in as little as 1.5 hours. The efficiency of the filtration system is rated at an industry-standard CADR rating of 70 CFM.

KORU uses a cutting edge PCO technology that is able to filter particulate matter down to .01 microns, better than most HEPA filters. It doesn’t use a fiberglass mesh filter that needs replacing when it gets clogged. What’s truly unique about KORU is the combination of ultra-efficient air purification technology with the most advanced, completely automated, Artificial Intelligence powered plant care system.

KORU is 12in X 10in X 10in (30cm X 25cm X 25cm). The inner plant pot has a volume of 0.7gal (2.5Lt) of soil.

Yes, KORU does need to be plugged in in order to run. However, because it runs on only 16 watts per hour, KORU consumes less than an average LED lamp, which means you get the most clinically clean air while saving money on energy bills.


No. The filter lasts forever and can be washed by hand every 2-3 months.

You will receive a notification on the app when it is time to clean your filter. In general, every 2 to 3 months.

4-6 weeks on average depending on the plant type and season.

KORU will be available in one of four colors: Black, White, Terracotta, or Rose. Also, you will be able to select either beech wood (premium) or cork (standard) for the base.

NOTE: at the moment KORU Rose and KORU Terracotta are not available for purchase.

KORU has been developed to be the most efficient and reliable automated solution for indoor plants. We currently support over 150 different varieties of plants, representing 92% of ALL indoor plant varieties sold worldwide. We will be publishing the complete list of the supported plants in the coming weeks, and we are committed to keep expanding it until we cover virtually any plant.

With 16 watts, KORU consumes less than an average LED lamp, which gives it a super low energy profile. While conventional air purifiers cannot be recycled and end up in a landfill, KORU has a lifetime filter so there is no need to throw it away and buy a new one, just wash, rinse, and repeat. To further support the environmental friendliness of KORU, only sustainable materials such as cork, wood and recycled plastic were used.

Since indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air, an air purifier ensures better air quality in your home making it healthier for you and your family to breathe. By filtering out dangerous pollutants, it makes everyday life easier especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and those that are immunocompromised.

Air purifiers are suitable for everyone. Unhealthy and polluted air can have serious long-term health effects , especially for children. Air purifiers are especially helpful for asthmatics and allergy sufferers who are severely affected by polluted air.

Both short-and long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to a wide range of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, reduced lung function, and respiratory infection. The World Health Organization provides evidence of links between exposure to air pollution and type 2 diabetes, obesity, systemic inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.