Leveraging the latest air purification and smart plant care technology

Koru effective air purification

Guaranteed Purification

Our technology has been extensively tested to remove up to 99% of air pollutants and 93% of VOCs

Koru no filter replacement

High-Tech Filtration

The latest in the industry, our
nanocoated ceramic filter system can be washed and reused an infinite number of times.

Koru smart automation monitoring

AI-Powered Automation

Monitor, control and automate air quality and plant care through an intuitive AI system, view results on an easy-to-use app.

The Future is Clean and Green

Home air purification in 3 steps

STEP 1 - Plants purify the air and create oxygen

Through a natural process occurring on the plant's roots called bioremediation,
Koru captures and destroys chemical compounds while generating fresh oxygen.

STEP 2 - Nano-coated ceramic filter captures VOCs

The natural air purification is boosted with a nano-coated photocatalyst filter that eliminates VOCs, molds, odors, and PM2.5.
No replacement is needed as the filter lasts for ever and is easily washable by hand.

STEP 3 - UV light destroys virus and bacteria

With ozone-free UV light, Koru safely eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses.

Koru ozone-free UV LED

True air purification.

Ozone Free
The UV LEDs operate at an ozone-free wavelength so no ozone by-products are generated.

UV Activation
The photocatalytic filter gets activated by UV-A light to eliminate chemicals and other air pollutants.

Air Sanitation
Strong UV-C LEDs destroy airborne bacteria and viruses ensuring the highest quality of sanitation.

Koru nanocoated ceramic filter lasts forever

Washable, powerful, sustainable.

Washable and durable
The nano-coated photocatalytic filter can be washed every few months and will last decades.

Photocatalytic power
Thanks to photocatalysis, KORU's filter captures and eliminates VOCs, mold, odors, and PM2.5.

Environmental safe
The filter has an infinite lifespan, while other filtration systems use non-recyclable disposable filters.

Koru smart and effective home air purifier

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Featuring highly intuitive sensors and AI technology, KORU is smart-home-ready and can be easily integrated with your current home hub and operated by Alexa or Google Assistant.

You’ll also have a handy app and notifications to help you stay on top of plant health, and see visible improvements in air quality over time. Speaking of time, performance mode is an
ultra-powerful setting that can clean air to WHO-recommended settings in just 90 minutes.

Smart home
Koru seamlessly integrates with your Google Assistant or Alexa to monitor your air quality and plants growth.

Koru reduces air pollution to WHO-safe levels in less than 1.5 hours in a 100ft2 room in Performance Mode.

Push notifications
Koru sends push notifications if the air quality reaches concerning levels or the plant needs more light or fertilizer.

Technology sneak peek

Koru technology overview sneak-peek sensors

Inspired by Nature

Koru materials dimentions weight volume

The sustainable all-in-one indoor air monitoring and purifying system. No expensive and unsustainable filter replacement is needed, ever. 

Effective purification. No filter replacement. Smart automation.