Upgrading Indoor Spaces for the Post-Covid Life

Upgrading Indoor Spaces for the Post-Covid Life

Upgrading Indoor Spaces for the Post-Covid Life


The covid pandemic changed the way we work forever. But how do we upgrade our indoor spaces for the post-Covid life?

Humans spend 90% of their lives indoors, whether that be at work or at home. With most companies confirming a full or partial remote work strategy for even after the pandemic is over, time spent inside the home is drastically increasing, with people starting to focus increasingly on how their homes can be transformed into a healthy environment.

Ultimately, this shift has forced homes to be reinvented as spaces for both work and play, and people are being challenged to optimize their space for both requirements.

To us, the most effective solution when it comes to improving an indoor space for health, wellbeing, and comfort is biophilic design.

office plants

Living plants provide a natural air purifying solution at home, as well as a fantastic way to reduce stress and anxiety. In certain devices like KORU Air, exposed roots actively pull toxins from the air, capturing and destroying them within the device without a trace. This provides a convenient, beautiful, and continuous purifying system for any home.

The Great Resignation

Over 33 million people quit their jobs since Spring 2021 in the US alone. Economists and employment experts all over the world have dubbed this mass exodus, “The Great Resignation”. Another recent survey of over 3,000 US and Canadian adults found that 76% of them was considering joining this “Great Resignation” if wellness factors such as work-life balance, health, indoor air quality, hygiene and cleanliness, mental health support and access to green space or plants were not provided by their employers.

the great resignation

As we continue to struggle with the consequences of Covid, and as employees slowly return to workplaces, it is clear priorities have shifted heavily towards health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of corporate concerns.

The survey also found that 69% of respondents said their workspaces needed better investment in health, hygiene and safety, while 62% said the same about food and retail services. This increased need for smarter, healthier public spaces is underlined by the fact that over 73% would consider paying higher prices for products and services if the environment had better air quality and health and safety measures pu tin place.

The mental health impact of work

It is clear the environment in public spaces plays a critical role in people’s mental health and wellness, with 57% of North Americans placing a higher value on work, life and health balance since the pandemic first started.

home office working benefits

Several studies also pointed out at the fact that one in two North Americans noted feeling fogginess and tiredness at the end of their workday at present. Whether this is due to workload, general balance or environmental factors, it demonstrates the increasing awareness people have of how their work impacts their overall mental health.

Improvements in physical workspaces

For those participants working from physical workspaces, the survey results show how 70% think their air quality needs improving, while 39% describe their current air quality as either average, poor or bad.

Data shows that people everywhere are keen for investment in smarter, healthier spaces in all walks of life. Employees and customers alike demand better air quality, greener spaces, and overall better support when it comes to mental and physical health.

craving nature

All of these areas of improvement will be essential for current and future employees, as well as everyone entering public or leisure spaces, with people wanting to feel safer and in healthier environments wherever they go or stay, including their homes.

A conclusive note

With increased time spent at home, there comes a greater risk of mental health problems associated with isolation, disruption to one's hobbies, and a lack of positive connections.

Once again, we believe one of the simplest and best ways to start tackling these changing needs is natural, science-based, air purification, but a real connection with nature remains the most important thing to achieve when it comes to upgrading our indoor spaces for the post-covid life.

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