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  • How to Design the Perfect Home Office

    How to Design the Perfect Home Office
    The covid pandemic changed the way we work forever. But how do we design the perfect home office space to fit our lifestyle?
  • How Covid Changed Architecture and Design Forever

    How Covid Changed Architecture and Design Forever?
    The covid pandemic may have changed the way we look at building and city planning forever, and it may be a good thing.
  • Garden Therapy: The Power Of Nature

    Garden Therapy: The Power Of Nature.
    Therapy can come in many different forms, including professional horticultural therapy, also known as garden therapy.
  • Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

    Do Air Purifiers Really Work?
    If you are thinking about buying an air purifier, you might have wondered if air purifiers do really work, and how can they help you improve your health.
  • Biofiltration: How Plants Clean the Air Thanks to Bacteria

    Biofiltration: the air purification system of the future.

    How the adoption of these kind of new, nature-based technologies which could help to solve greatest problems of our time: air pollution, climate change, and mental health.

  • Biophilia and the Benefits of Blending Design with Nature

    It’s not a secret that we are drawn to the green that surrounds us, or why we are so magnetized, but we can always ask how we can use this information. The possibilities of biophilic design are ever-expanding, as is the science behind it. The more we learn about our leafy friends, the more they can help us, and vice versa.
  • What is Phytoremediation and how does it work?

    Phytoremediation refers to the process of degrading waste through biological, living organisms. Cleaning up such toxic and chemical pollutants can be very expensive and dangerous, but there is a simpler way: letting plants do the work for us.

  • Biophilic Design: Incorporating Nature Into Your Space

    Bringing natural life and energy into our daily routines can make a day off at home feel like a vacation, invoking the same feelings of peace and relaxation, without the need to pack up and travel for hours at a time.

  • How Circular Economy Can Change The World

    Circular Economy suggests that, paying attention to its whole lifecycle, starting at the moment of its ideation, and through recycling, reinventing and transforming, every object can become eco-friendly. But, how does it really work?