How to Design the Perfect Home Office

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

How to Design the Perfect Home OfficeThe covid pandemic changed the way we work forever. But how do we design the perfect home office space to fit our lifestyle?

When the pandemic hit, many businesses had no choice but to send their employees home to work remotely and try to stay safe. While there was much chaos during those times, we were all able to witness – in one way or another – some major benefits when it comes remote work, such as being able to spend less money on commuting, and an unexpected increase in employee productivity as a consequence of the more flexible working conditions.

A study conducted by Enterprise Technology Research pointed out that the productivity of most workers is higher when working from home respect to the office.

Amongst other benefits of working from home for both individuals and companies, we can surely mention the money saved on office spaces, more flexible schedules, and a larger available talent pool without the restriction of physical location.

Several companies showed great progress in restructuring their financial agenda to invest more in their employees and less on building costs and maintenance. This includes things like setting aside a budget for employees to help them create an at-home work environment where they can thrive and work efficiently.

If you're working from home and wondering how you can design the perfect home office, below you will find a few tips to help you get started.

Perfect Home Office

Separate Life and Work spaces

If possible, set up your work-from-home station away from your bedroom or your main “relax” area.

A bedroom is meant to be a calming space for resting and unwinding, not working. When this boundary is not set properly, it can be easy to get consumed by work and can even begin to have a negative impact on your sleep.

As of July 2020, 69% of American’s who worked from home were feeling burnt out, which could have been brought on by feeling overwhelmed in the place that is supposed to be a safe haven.

By creating a separate area for your home office, you are better able to establish mental and emotional boundaries for yourself, and allow your brain to transition from work to play and rest without struggles. If you have no other option than your bedroom, try to place your desk facing away from your bed.

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

Don’t sit for hours without stretching

If you work a standard 9 to 5 job, you may find yourself sitting for nearly half of your day. Sitting for a long time can cause chronic pain, weight gain or other negative side effects. Our cardiovascular systems work best when we are standing upright, so it’s important to exercise daily to balance to time we spend sitting.

Get your body moving, and stand as much as possible. A great investment for your home office could be a standing desk. A few studies have been conducted regarding their benefits, and it’s been shown how standing desks may help people reduce blood sugar spikes and can even lower the risk of heart disease.

stretching home office

Surround yourself with Nature

While working from home, one major thing to take care of is your mental wellbeing. According to a research conducted in the UK, people that engaged with nature more often showed lower cortisol levels, lower stress and increase productivity respect to their the participants who were staying indoors more often.

If we think about biophilic design principles, we innately crave being more in touch with nature. Therefore, choosing nature-inspired designs and natural materials for your furniture, but primarily adding living plants to your space, could help boost your overall mood and productivity.

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

With remote work constantly rising in popularity even after the pandemic passed, creating a healthy home office is one of the most important elements of creating a healthy home environment. And with a healthy home, you get one step closer to a healthy and balanced life.

More tips to design the perfect Home Office

  • Get some natural lighting.

Setting up your home office in a place with natural daylight is a fantastic way to help you feel more active and energized. Natural lighting is also great for your overall well-being.
In addition to its health benefits, having a home office with natural lighting is also more sustainable as it will help you reduce your energy consumption from artificial lighting.
  • Find a quiet spot.

If you want to be able to focus while working at home, you’ll need to set up your home office in a calm spot. Unless you live alone, there are probably some places in your house where you’re less likely to get interrupted.

  • Pick the right colors.

Colors can have a great psychological impact on people. Choosing the right color can mean the difference between high productivity and feeling like you want to sleep every time you sit at your desk. Since different colors elicit different physical and emotional responses, you need to be aware of what you chose.
In general, light and airy colors are preferred for a home office. You’ll also want to use more “natural” colors, such as blues, greens, off-whites and other earthy tones. Avoid flashy or too bright colors as they may tire or stress you.
  • Go with ergonomic furniture.

Your home office is not about fashion, it is about comfort. Choosing comfortable and ergonomic furniture for your home office isn’t a luxury choice either. You’ll be spending a lot of time in that office, so well-designed and ergonomic furniture is essential for your health and overall well-being.

  • Get a bit personal

Adding your personal touch to your home office won’t just make it feel like your workplace; it will help boost your productivity as well! Always surround yourself with personal items that inspire and motivate you.
This will help you get in the right mood for work and overcome some of the many challenges that working from home presents.
  • Use smart storage solutions.

Many home offices don’t have much space to work with, and that’s why smart storage solutions are almost a must. The right storage solution will help you keep everything you need in that workplace nearby, without making your home office look like a total mess or stashing important documents around the house.
Not only will you not be able to easily find what you’re looking for in a messy workplace; it’ll also affect your mood and overall productivity.

A conclusive note

Working from home became the norm for many people. While there are many challenges that come with working from home, a well-designed office will make your life easier. You’ll get a place where you can focus and be productive, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

As we rethink our spaces and lives after the pandemic, we must learn from our past mistakes and improve the way we connect with the environment around us.

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